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Common words

Whereas public transport is almost absent in Morocco, taxi is an important option. It is quite cheap and all taxi cars have taximeters.

There are:

  1. 'Petit taxi' for 1-3 persons that are taken personally (but you driver can pick up other persons).
  2. 'Grand taxi' for 6 persons (worth thing to see: 2 passengers at front seats, 4 - at rear ones); all passengers pay separately; these taxis are very popular in countryside and absent in Casablanca, for example.

One point should be emphasised for the petit taxi: there are taximeters and no bargain, formally. It means, that, formally, you just ask a driver for your destination and, if confirmed, drive and then pay as the taximeters claims. Tariffs are different for days and nights (after 8 p.m., I think). And there is the smallest payment (6 dirhams for days in Marrakesh; these values are printed in the top-right corner of wind windows).

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Tuesday, January 11 2011, 16:42
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The first visit to Medina of Marrakesh.

Along the avenue Mohammed V to Jemaa El Fna. Koutubia (big and famous mosque) is seen farther.
Military gardener makes his loud job under cover of smoke screen.
Walls of the Old City.

You have your own kitchen...
Tuesday, January 11 2011, 04:17
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If you are planning to have your own kitchen, you would probably know that:

  1. Mostly, the raw food from street markets, big markets and even supermarkets is good (especially, local vegetables, meat, fish). It is fresh and natural. Of course, you can find some 'over-packed-in-plastics' goods like cheeses and other stuff. But the local meat looks like a real meat. Fish is good and various.
  2. Prices can be strange. For example, almost all cheeses are foreign and expensive (10-30Dh/100g), meat is expensive (40-100Dh/kg), but the local fish is cheap (10-40Dh/kg).
  3. There is funny point about the fish: it is much more cheaper than meat, but they prefer, for example, sheep. In Saint Petersburg (Russia), we try to prefer fish because it is healthy (though, it is more expensive).
  4. They have honey in huge cans. 1.8kg of eucalyptus honey costs 99Dh (Aswak Assalam supermarket). You know, 1.8kg of honey is a catastrophe.
  5. I would like to say that Morocco is very suitable for vegetarians. Cereals are cheap and various, lots of vegetables, nuts are moderately cheap.
Very first photos from the travel
Tuesday, January 11 2011, 01:05
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Just for lulz, dear visitors.

I had never loved notebooks because of their price, very limited ability to upgrade them, and worse parameters due to their destination: be small, low-power, light. Finally, you can kill them just spoiling beer on their keyboards (that I did for my beloved Touchpad T23).

Anyway, after that I got an idea to travel with compact, but full PC: built in microATX case, with LCD. The brilliant fact is that even with 22" LCD (please, try to find such laptop) it exactly fit to the limit of hand carry for flight. The only problem is its weight: it was much bigger than normal 5kg...

... So, I spent many time walking around forums, discussions: ones say that it is impossible, that they make you to leave your PC as baggage (i.e., good bye, my new-born silicon friend). Others say that you can take HDD in cabin. Anyway, just the result, my PC in the city of Marrakesh:

Bag with all stuff. It is about 12kg.
You can see the case, the LCD, and my Wacom tablet.
All my precious things outside... :)
Salsa in Marrakesh
Wednesday, January 5 2011, 02:59
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This night I made my last, I think, bicycle ride to the centre of Marrakesh just to finally conclude, that:

There is no salsa in Marrakesh. Unfortunately.

The problem is that I used to dance salsa & swing in Saint Petersburg. Of course, I would like to find any dances there, in Marrakesh. What can I say:

  1. At the moment, there is a dance school hold by the Puerto-Rican, Ricardo, in Es Saadi hotel. I visited that once: 2-3 pairs of dancers with a level something like 'beginner intermediate'.Ricardo teaches the Puerto-Rican kind of salsa (the same or very similar to Salsa Casino). Actually, you can find it nice, it is called 'Quartierlatin Danceacademy Marrakech' in Facebook.
  2. This school holds Latin parties. Unfortunately, they are quite rare (once per 3 weeks), I have not seen any.
  3. Daily, Ricardo signs in Africa'n'Chic club with his band (after 10 P.M.). This club is somewhere marked as a place to dance salsa. Nope: nobody dances there, even the band does not play salsa music (at least, I did not hear it today).
  4. I think, there is the same for the South of Morocco (Marrakesh is very modern city compared to cities of the South Morocco).

P.S. And virtually nothing about swing. :)

Herrang Dance Camp 2010
Thursday, August 19 2010, 13:22
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Hej, folks :)

There was a time to conclude that this trip to Herrang passed a month ago. And all these photos long to be shown anywhere. So, tro-lo-lo!

In short terms, HDC is the place where people dances swing, balboa, has a fun to be happy or whatever. The life here is as full of all that jokes, events, small odds as it can ever be. It is quite an issue trying to explain it in selected photos (and it is the holy war with my self-conceit not to pour all my photos here).

Nevertheless, let me try. There are photos inside the post:

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Around Florida in a car. USA.
Friday, May 28 2010, 20:11
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I was happy to escape from the cold springtime of Saint Petersburg (in Russia, of course) to see the Sunshine State of USA.
It was an excellent way to open the swimming season, too (instead of the traditional plunging in our cold lakes in early May:). I talked with many people, satisfied my dream to drive in the country of roads, hitchhiking...
By the way, as for the hitchhiking, there were many legends about USA that I trusted and that was crashed by the reality. And, of course, I saw the only state of many.
I took a small car for rent, and drove around Florida in a week. I slept in different campgrounds booked in advance (KOA is great). Sleeping in your own tent is quite cheap and similar to separate buildings in comfort. What I was surprised in campgrounds, nobody uses tents instead of me :).
So, thanks to all that friendly people, to that hot sun. I got an excellent trip:
Orlando - Melbourne - Titusville - Palm Beach - Pahokee - Cyprus National Park - Fort Myers - Naples - Venice - Saint Petersburg (in USA) - Orlando.

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