Friday, January 28 2011, 12:25
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I have finished the new site about Morocco: MoroccanNook.

Two separate sections are done:

  1. There are my travel notes and photos from many places of Morocco: Sahara, Marrakesh, Agadir, Essouira, the Atlas Mountains, Taroudant, Tan-Tan, the Atlantic ocean, etc.
  2. E-shop representing a little business of my friends. There are many goods from the market of Marrakesh (leather goods, mostly). It accepts credit cards, has 100% money-back. Welcome.
Total redesign of the site
Friday, December 3 2010, 05:14
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These issues have been done:

  1. New design for the site
  2. New hierarchy of files & pages
  3. New pages
  4. The blog has been changed to match the style
  5. The blog has got new categories, entries have been updated

Please tell me if you have any opinions or objections about. Some PAD files (for screensavers) could loose correct paths.

Bonjour! :)
Friday, April 9 2010, 00:26
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Finally, all my mentions to revive my site as a blog are finished!

It was an issue to recall my humble knowledge of HTML, learn PHP a little, choose the blog engine, and manage to compile it together... Wow, it is brilliant.

I chosen DotClear from delicious France. Why did I? It was referred somewhere as a powerful and easy to install blog (it is).

These guys convinced of its documentation in English. Well, it was not all the truth, to be honest: the most deep parts of the documentation are in French only, as the most part of forum discussions, etc. ;)

But the fact is that a man unfamiliar with PHP could install it in a week of his nights, even with building my own laconic custom style for that. This blog is really easy to install, setup, use. And it has every feature to implement somebody's mentions.

I love French. Even though I hated learning it in my school, my high school. Strange love, you know! :)

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