There are 5 months since I returned from Morocco to my native city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

There is something strange about feeling last months: some old friends have gone, some other friends have come. I am changing my life style, habits. It is something to do with my age crisis, maybe. The most thing I care about is not loosing myself and not becoming that boring patient worker/consumer that things quite plain thoughts about money, family.

It is something substituting a normal door to the men' changing room in my home dance studio, Casa Latina. Many people went throuth this door, many people scared this door, too.
Shake it, shake it!
A bridge in Saint Petersburg, early springtime.
That is a local Armageddon in Gorohovaya ulitsa, in the center of Saint Petersburg. It is under reconstruction and looks just great!
One of the cute traditions of Casa Latina: an evening with perfomances from everybody who would like to do them.
Ugly pigeons rinse their ugly bodies in the dirty paddle. Yes, I love city pigeons very much.
I have moved to Petrogradskiy district of Saint Petersburg. It is an island, actually. Full of joy, funny people, small pubs, etc.
It is Erarta exhibition hall, a new place in Saint Petersburg. It is not the whole Erarta, just a piece of some exhibit.
A neighbour of the thing above.