No good hosting exists on this planet...
Monday, September 19 2011, 00:00
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It was a month ago when I decided to leave my ancient and first hosting HostLand.ru that caused some questions to me. It has grown from a moderate level when there were rare hostings in Russia (and when I knew few about hostings at all) to some, maybe, worth thing. But I had decided to leave it with all these unpleasant Support. In short words, I leaved them for a better live.

Okay, I came right into the WORST hosting ever: JustHost.com.

Oh, dear! Guys, just never think about this name. They do not really work, they have everything crashing and their Support does not care about it. Just some "jokes" about them:

  • Webalizer told me that the most part of visitors come from country of Tuvalu. Have you ever known where is this country? I looked to map and to Wikipedia. 110 thousands of people at all. "Why does Webalizer claims that?", - I asked JustHost.com. "Apparently, they like your site". Thanks. BTW, other countries are "US commercial", "Network", "Non profit organisation" and other similar stuff.
  • Webalizer stops working allways. If you ask them to fix it, they "start it at new". OK, so you have a half of common statistics. Useless tool.
  • FTP is awful. If you try to upload something, you can not even be sure it is really uploaded. Just "maybe uploaded". You can loose your data.
  • Certainly, your site is inaccessible quite often. Sure, you really do not need your site, if you host at JustHost.com, so there is no problem.

And more, more, more...

Right, I am looking thoroughly for a real good hosting. What have I got to know? I have a bulk of 8 hostings that are already selected by me. But each of them have many bad reviews in Internet. Somebody had frauds there, somebody had other problems here.

So why? Why can not I have a good small hosting for my sites? For a comprehensive price? Why?!

Friday, January 28 2011, 12:25
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I have finished the new site about Morocco: MoroccanNook.

Two separate sections are done:

  1. There are my travel notes and photos from many places of Morocco: Sahara, Marrakesh, Agadir, Essouira, the Atlas Mountains, Taroudant, Tan-Tan, the Atlantic ocean, etc.
  2. E-shop representing a little business of my friends. There are many goods from the market of Marrakesh (leather goods, mostly). It accepts credit cards, has 100% money-back. Welcome.
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