Акустическая система, стилизованная "под ретро"
Sunday, March 1 2015, 16:31
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Собрал отличную и необычную акустическую систему.

Суть в том, что она красивая, а не обычная коробка, которую запросто можно купить в магазине. Стиль подражает старым, довоенным радиоприёмникам. Когда в моде ещё были отголоски ар-деко, или "модерна". С керамическими вставками, решёточками, тканью и прочей милой ерундой вроде войлочных подпятников и переключателей громкости.

Технически - активная акустическая система, два двухполосных канала. С довольно неплохой АЧХ, судя по измерениям.

  • 2х40Вт.
  • Питание: 88-264В.

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My greenhouse with new mercury lamps
Thursday, July 8 2010, 00:42
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First my attempt with luminescent lamps was really weak: no, it was not enough to let my flowers grow. So, after 1 month has pasted, I can present my new system with: 1. Mercury lamps 125W each piece. 2. New metal lampshades that can resist these heat lamps. I am very proud of them, because I had never worked with sheet metals before. 3. New radiator for triacs (that operate on the quite powerful lamps).
Quite bright light
There throttles are seen (I used old russian devices, we still use it because of some their advantages) and the radiator is, too.
I could not say that these lamps are very powerful: I checked, the resulting illumination of the ground is 5 times less than for the clean summer day in Saint Petersburg.  But, it is enough to support my plants alive (they grow now quite well).
Device in Jar. Greenhouse.
Monday, April 12 2010, 01:30
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This is a controller to grow plants. Features:
  1. The lamps are on/off for day/night.
  2. Different time of dawn for weekdays/weekend. Thus, the light works as an alarm.
  3. The day length is determined by the settings.
  4. Temperature control for the ground based on optimal temperatures.
  5. The optimal temperature depends on day/night (determined by the settings).
  6. The time for watering is watched and the special alarm is activated when the watering is required.
  7. Contactless input, IR sensors.
  8. Freaky design. :)
Without the jar, backside. I tried to reach the 'cyber-punk' shape using only real working components, no embelishments.
The jar.

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