Travel to India: Mumbai, Murud, Kolhapur, Panaji, Kalangute, Hampi, Bijapur
Monday, March 19 2012, 22:38
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So, that's happen: I've got enough time and patience just to all my photos and travel notes there, in my sweet home blog.

There is two pieces of bad news: one is for me, the other is yours, folks:

  1. After I came there today I found more than 400 spam messages ready to be killed. Great, there just a time to prepare some sophisticated spam filter.
  2. My blog is mostly visited by Russian people and I made my travel notices in Russian. So, everything below is in Russian. Have some fun. :)

Поездка в Индию: Мумбаи, Муруд, Колхапур, Панаджи, Калангут, Хампи, Биджапур

Итак, я хотел сказать, что поездку в Индию пора бы завершить в её последней ипостаси: пора черкнуть пару строк и выложить пару фотографий. Добро пожаловать под ссылку.

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The Vegetarian
Tuesday, January 3 2012, 23:06
Category: Diary, Tags: food vegetarianism

That's funny, I haven't been eating meat for almost 2 years.

But there are details:

  1. It is just an option, nothing about my religion. I easily can take a piece of beef if I meet my friends and they do not have any vegetarian stuff. I wouldn't bore them with my ideas.
  2. Moreover, I go to McDonalds sometimes to take their nasty unhealthy burger.
  3. Till an year ago, I eaten fish.
  4. Why do not I like meat? Because, it is unclear about if they have souls (and if people should avoid meat due to some hidden rules). And, finally, all these animals live awful lives, they consume unhealthy stuff with lots of medicaments. It is not good, surely.
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