Time Waster 01 (balls) version 2.0 is released!
Monday, October 25 2010, 20:20
Category: Software, Tags: game html5

Hello again, there is the first complete version of that game made by me before. I took some feedback and attempted to satisfy them all.

The game at separate page

P.S. Of course, any feedback is appreciated.

New game: Time Waster 01 (balls)
Monday, October 11 2010, 15:25
Category: Software, Tags: game html5
So, there is this new game that uses HTML5 features. It is fairly easy to play, but was hard to do. :)

A special page for it is here.

Actually, it is the beta of betas, so please leave your comments here. I would be happy if you leave either notes, opinions or just lols.

Words about code
Sources are reader-friendly with all comments to understand the routine. The engine used (DrawableManager) is mentioned to support different projects with layers of elements. At the moment, it all is under GNU/GPL licence.
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