Time Waster 01 (balls)


This version (2.0) is the first pure release of this game and has a lot of changes since the previous v1.0b:

  • New colored balls expand the gameplay
  • 10 new levels, so you can walk through 20 levels now
  • The new complicated system of score counting is done (instead of just a playing time as before)
  • New option 'restart level' allows you to relax and not to care about wrong moves (but no score for finished 'restarted' level)
  • New font
  • Fixed bugs

As before, I would be happy to have any feedback at my blog. Do not hesitate to leave there your opinion, questions, desires. Welcome!

P.S. This game requires HTML5 (since it uses its canvas element), so I am sorry if you do not have that (up to date, the most browsers support it).
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