Mars Field and the opening of Summer Square
Saturday, July 21 2012, 22:54
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Finally, after years of reconstruction, our Summer Square is opened for visitors. Before, it was closed after some incidents. Now, it is opened with lots of changes: all sculptures are substituted by their copies, four fountains are created at new, many bushes are renewed, etc. I think, the square is given a new life, it is much more interesting than before (forever, the modern view is affirmed to be closer to the original square vanished many years ago). It is great to visit! There are some photos about.

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Cheated elections for the Russian Parliament and the Parlament of Saint Peterburg
Tuesday, January 10 2012, 21:36
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I acted as an official observer during the last election.

In order to shrink expenses, the most cities and regions of Russia had 2 simultaneous elections: the overall election for the Parliament and a local one for local parliament. So did we.

In common, it was the worst election ever happened in Russia: lots of lies, cheaters. Observers were turned out at many districts. I heard how Medvedev congratulated Putin on their glory right after the election had stopped, no conclusions could be made so early.

Then these strange, rude words of Kremlin about the absence of violations, this silence on TV and newspapers after overcrowded rallies. Putin with his boorishness, Medvedev disappeared after speaking unreal thoughts 'I am sure all these video tapes from witnesses were fabricated'. What a surprise, when did he manage to become so acute? After all these years of 'somehow intelligent' and 'somehow open-minded' person, he glanced with his real face.

Lots of rallies, nothing in result. I am afraid, we will face dark long times soon: Pitin will take the chair again, becoming the most longing (and repulsive) ruler of Russia.

- I have two news for you, mister Putin.
- Let's start with the better one.
- You've won the election.
- Right.... But what is the worse one?
- Nobody's voted for you.

There are photos took before, during and after the election.

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Ladoga, Ladozhskoe lake.
Wednesday, October 5 2011, 01:30
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Sometimes, one time per year or less, I go to the special ride to countryside: to Ladoga, where my old friends have their place in the forest, upon the rocks.

There is something special about it: interesting people seen by me during almost 10 years, their changes, brilliant nature.

 Camp hookah. Very small, very effective, very handy. :)
There were such a lots of mushrooms, even me could find some good and clear ones. Others found lots during short walks.
Ladoga, summer, nowhere, for doing nothing.
My friends.
Friends' child. 2 years after I saw her for the last time.
More stories from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sunday, September 25 2011, 21:34
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Every time I ask to cut my hair a bit shorter, I have a look of criminal.
Let it be: I look like a criminal. :)
'Ratha yatra' Hindu festival in Saint Petersburg.

Garden in New Holland exhibition, Saint Petersburg.
Lampushka festival in forest.
Archstoyanie festival in Yaroslavskaya objalst.

Inna Zinina.


Sunny days of our summer
Friday, August 12 2011, 02:39
Category: Photos, Tags: growing Petrogradskiy district Russia Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg is not a warm city, it is why I love sun and, as many people around, wait for that.

Anyway, it is going to be finished soon: all these strong wind, rains, shops with watermelons in the streets... One more summer behind me. I hope, it was nice and was taken with all its pieces.

Somebody decided that their street should be filled with music in those early days of June. It is one of that ancient luxurious combined devices from USSR, I would like to have one. It can play radio, records.
Poplar wool around the Petrogradskiy district of Saint Petersburg (my house is a bit to the right). It was taken during my way from office.
Day of Pushkin city in suburbs of Saint Petersburg.
I visited the most eccentric part of the festival, I suppose.
Petropavlovskaya fortress, this people is trying to take sun baths.

Flowers in my balcony. I am proud a bit to grow these nasturtiums.
Old flowers born in the cold November under the artificial and wrong light of my mercury lamps (yes, they survived in the winter, when I was in Morocco).
Let our streets be more pleasant and full of beauty! Let us forget about grey and boring empty balconies!
The Telegraph. A country without any censorship writes 'news' about a country with one.
Wednesday, July 20 2011, 22:09
Category: Diary, Tags: Russia
When I was young, USSR yet existed, so I know about the censorship a little.

Actually, I did not read newspapers that is a main target for a censorship. But I read children's books, stories about young Lenin (I was surprised how many stories exist). It was a bit strange to open a cooking book and, at its very beginning, to see a huge article about the living standards growing fast, about a number of unique nations in USSR...

But, you know, I think that the most things I saw (except for stupid stories about Lenin) was a quite reasonable thing: Oh, yes, we really had many people and cultures in USSR living together in that real harmony. We had some problems, but just look around: some ex-republics of USSR have senseless argues, some nations have felt to ancient feudal realms.

I heard and I still do that Soviet Union and Russia have this censorship. They do instead of some, I guess, modern and democratic countries. And these exact countries often say these words or give moneys for numerous 'democratic mouthpieces' here in Russia.

All right, I denied reading local newspapers about Russia and tried to find any English sources of 'democratic' news about my country. At the moment, I have my little silent question about my investigations: what is going on?!

Just make this little experiment: open the site of The Telegraph, chose to see news about Russia. I sure, the only articles about the most bad stories, facts. Only Putin as some evil king, only disasters, only bribes. As I understand, this nasty job is done by stupid people that can not even develop a new subject.

I live in the huge country full of people. This people are real people: they love, they look, they speak, run, cry, smile. We have some science, sport, travels. We have lots of events.

What is a reason to say always this bullshit in English newspapers? Why? Yes, I understand, that 'democracy' and 'philanthropy' cover real issues of UK, but is not that stupid to be a country of lies and to have some 'ancient alien' as Russia?

I know that we always where opponents (except for WWII, but Churchill hated Russia anyway). I know that an intelligent fight works for the progress. But this kind of fight is so awful...

P.S. One question still exists: which WWW-newspaper is good to read normal news about Russia?
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