Saint Petersburg is not a warm city, it is why I love sun and, as many people around, wait for that.

Anyway, it is going to be finished soon: all these strong wind, rains, shops with watermelons in the streets... One more summer behind me. I hope, it was nice and was taken with all its pieces.

Somebody decided that their street should be filled with music in those early days of June. It is one of that ancient luxurious combined devices from USSR, I would like to have one. It can play radio, records.
Poplar wool around the Petrogradskiy district of Saint Petersburg (my house is a bit to the right). It was taken during my way from office.
Day of Pushkin city in suburbs of Saint Petersburg.
I visited the most eccentric part of the festival, I suppose.
Petropavlovskaya fortress, this people is trying to take sun baths.

Flowers in my balcony. I am proud a bit to grow these nasturtiums.
Old flowers born in the cold November under the artificial and wrong light of my mercury lamps (yes, they survived in the winter, when I was in Morocco).
Let our streets be more pleasant and full of beauty! Let us forget about grey and boring empty balconies!