I would like to say some words about Vilnius city where I spent some pleasure days during Harlem'2011 swing festival. Holy smokes, the festival was great and overcrowded. We found that Russian dancers were not used to dance in the real crowd, so there is something to investigate: others danced well and peacefully.

The bad news is that my camera broken in the beginning of my trip, so I rather speak about the city than show you photos. The good news is that I had more time for walking and looking around.

First of all, the city is fairly small, calm and nice. There are few people living (10 times less than in Saint Petersburg, for example). Many flowers, many nice courtyards (but you can be sent away by angry residents).

The other is its food. Mostly, it is much cheaper that in Saint Petersburg. For example, a main meal can cost 10€. It seems that food is tasty. Especially, I would recommend the vegetarian White Elephant (41 Vilniaus gatvė ). It has its own court, good beer, nice interior and many dishes.

You can travel around by foot, the Old City is not very big. There are small streets, museums (be aware: mostly closed in Mondays), churches. By the way, I would like to recommend their basilica of Saint Paul & Peter (1 Antakalnio gatvė). This basilica is a bit distant, but its interior is just awesome. The funny point: there are heads of elephants amongst moulding. Yes, heads of elephants (I am not sure they are mentioned in Bible, but they look lively).

The bad point about Vilnius is this Russophobia. It is great, it is huge, it is crazy and full of sick fantasy. They even have the museum of genocide (yes, they mean the genocide of Lithuanians). I hope, they will finish this strange practice someday.