Boring deputy, Alexey Belousof, using the official stand of the Administration (it is illegal) in order to advertise himself and United Russia party.
United Russia used the most senseless slogans. For example, this says: "For the whole world admiring Saint Petersburg". What did they offer? Nothing. Valentina Matvienko (member of United Russia, ex-governor) is famous for destroying the old buildings of Saint Petersburg.
The day of election. The ballot box for outside votes.
One of the 2 concerts during the election. It is illegal to have such activities in districts of elections.
The same box.
Conference after the election hold by candidates.
The first rally at Pionerskaya square. Saint Petersburg.

By the way, this man tried to ask why this policeman (a kind of SWAT in Russia) denied to take photos with him. It is illegal: anybody can take photos of policemen.

The second rally, the same place.