Just for lulz, dear visitors.

I had never loved notebooks because of their price, very limited ability to upgrade them, and worse parameters due to their destination: be small, low-power, light. Finally, you can kill them just spoiling beer on their keyboards (that I did for my beloved Touchpad T23).

Anyway, after that I got an idea to travel with compact, but full PC: built in microATX case, with LCD. The brilliant fact is that even with 22" LCD (please, try to find such laptop) it exactly fit to the limit of hand carry for flight. The only problem is its weight: it was much bigger than normal 5kg...

... So, I spent many time walking around forums, discussions: ones say that it is impossible, that they make you to leave your PC as baggage (i.e., good bye, my new-born silicon friend). Others say that you can take HDD in cabin. Anyway, just the result, my PC in the city of Marrakesh:

Bag with all stuff. It is about 12kg.
You can see the case, the LCD, and my Wacom tablet.
All my precious things outside... :)