If you are planning to have your own kitchen, you would probably know that:

  1. Mostly, the raw food from street markets, big markets and even supermarkets is good (especially, local vegetables, meat, fish). It is fresh and natural. Of course, you can find some 'over-packed-in-plastics' goods like cheeses and other stuff. But the local meat looks like a real meat. Fish is good and various.
  2. Prices can be strange. For example, almost all cheeses are foreign and expensive (10-30Dh/100g), meat is expensive (40-100Dh/kg), but the local fish is cheap (10-40Dh/kg).
  3. There is funny point about the fish: it is much more cheaper than meat, but they prefer, for example, sheep. In Saint Petersburg (Russia), we try to prefer fish because it is healthy (though, it is more expensive).
  4. They have honey in huge cans. 1.8kg of eucalyptus honey costs 99Dh (Aswak Assalam supermarket). You know, 1.8kg of honey is a catastrophe.
  5. I would like to say that Morocco is very suitable for vegetarians. Cereals are cheap and various, lots of vegetables, nuts are moderately cheap.