Avenue Mohammed V. Koutoubia ahead.
Menara. There was a swimming pool for the royal soldiers. Nowadays, people loves to feed carps here.
Guards are closing the garden for night.
There and below: Majorale garden. It was kept by Yves saint Laurent, has his memorial now. Must to visit.
An ordinary mosque of Morocco. Some cities have special "ordinary mosques", but this one is the default.
The day when the queen came to Marrakesh. The royal family visit Marrakesh quite often.
I like photos of walls :)
Nobody know when the queen comes, so they try to celebrate all the day around.
There and below: a strange gallery.
An old house
Littering, unfortunately
Moroccois full of cats
There and below: the madrasah in the old city
New year is coming
Jemaa El Fna
Abandoned railroad near to the place where I lived
An old house
One of the tiny clinics. Would you treat your eyes here? :)
I was surprised to find here many kinds of vodka stylized as Russian one (and that has never saw Russia)