The best reason for you to avoiding drinking in this sunny pleasant Muslim country is that:

  1. It is quite expensive (of course, guys from Finland find it cheap, but anyway).
  2. It is not very good. Some alcohol is acceptable, the other kinds are... strange.


As I know (and as you will find) all businesses in Morocco are very fluent. Marrakesh is full of adverts in the streets leading to firms already closed. It is very important to emphasise: I am speaking about Marrakesh of 2010-2011. :)

There is a big set of bars in the cross of avenue Mohammed V and rue Mohammed El Beqal. Me and my friends preferred bars for native people (or what is a reason to travel?).

You can by something in supermarkets like Marjan and Acima (no alcohol in Aswak Assalam) and small rare shops.