Almost always, very bad taxi drivers. They try to cheat you 4 times, ask about unreal payments, lie about broken taximeters, etc. Just remember:

  1. Try to avoid catching a taxi near to Jemaa El Fna, railway station.
  2. Always ask about the cost in advance or ask how his taximeter is working. :)
  3. If you are moving already, your taxi driver is driving fast and, somehow, is not understanding your questions about taximeters and price, just ask about exit or wait for a calm talk at the end point.
  4. Do not be shame. If they have managed to get you to the end point and try to take about his daily earning money, just give him correct money (if you know that value) or around 20 dirhams. They do this simple trick 'I did the job, so they can not avoid payments', just ignore it.
  5. No tips.
  6. Rates for Marrakesh, year 2010-2011:
    1. Day tariff: 1.6, night tariff: 2.4. This value should be indicated in the taximeter when you set out.
    2. I almost bet, it is impossible to spend more than 20 dirhams if drive from a corner of Marrakesh to an opposite corner (day tariff, with taximeter). You can hear something about 50-60 dirhams. It is a reason to smile, not to confirm. :


Honestly, I was surprised when arrived to the railway station of Casablanca:

  1. A taxi driver offered me very cheap hotels with prices with/without air conditioning, etc.
  2. Straightway, he named the price and the price was unreal for Marrakesh (10 dirhams).
  3. He drove me to the hotel and waited when I checked rooms.

Today I went to the beach without any problems, too.