This night I made my last, I think, bicycle ride to the centre of Marrakesh just to finally conclude, that:

There is no salsa in Marrakesh. Unfortunately.

The problem is that I used to dance salsa & swing in Saint Petersburg. Of course, I would like to find any dances there, in Marrakesh. What can I say:

  1. At the moment, there is a dance school hold by the Puerto-Rican, Ricardo, in Es Saadi hotel. I visited that once: 2-3 pairs of dancers with a level something like 'beginner intermediate'.Ricardo teaches the Puerto-Rican kind of salsa (the same or very similar to Salsa Casino). Actually, you can find it nice, it is called 'Quartierlatin Danceacademy Marrakech' in Facebook.
  2. This school holds Latin parties. Unfortunately, they are quite rare (once per 3 weeks), I have not seen any.
  3. Daily, Ricardo signs in Africa'n'Chic club with his band (after 10 P.M.). This club is somewhere marked as a place to dance salsa. Nope: nobody dances there, even the band does not play salsa music (at least, I did not hear it today).
  4. I think, there is the same for the South of Morocco (Marrakesh is very modern city compared to cities of the South Morocco).

P.S. And virtually nothing about swing. :)