Just two shots from my city of Saint Petersburg made last days.
The famous city new-made copy of the historical building.

Actually, we have very big historical center and lots of arguments about how is it stored, how is rebuilt, etc. It is great.

And this is an example of 'why do not I allways support the opposition with their care about old buildings': yes, this building was destroyed to be raised at new (it is not a 'repairing' in terms of the restorers); but it does not have any 'modern pieces' claimed by the opposition as 'disgusting', etc.

Should me or other people support these guys blindly? It is not a question if we should care about the historical sight of Saint Petersburg: we should, of course.
Just a very rare case when I get my own picture. Is is an swing open-air.

P.S. The swing is a style of dance. :)