I have the habit to draw some pictures according to the current mood, events, etc. Years ago, for examlpe, I drawn a set of of drawings with hedgehogs. There were different hedgehogs explaining my girlfriend being sick, some happy event, etc. So, I have started this idea again (with lots of free time available). June 22:
Rain all the day through. It is Saint Petersburg.
My sprouts are stretching too much because of unsufficient light (holy Universe, is not this 125W mercury lamp enough?!).
Currently, this problem is solved with a kind of mirrors to bring additional light to sprouts.
This night is the smallest night in Saint Petersburg. Being very northern city, it has very short nights in summer and very long nights in winter.
Indeed, we do not have a 'night' these days: very long days (the sun shines somewhere around 10am), very slow dawn becoming a sunset of the next day. Standing in the streets, you can read books several days through. If you want to. :)
There should be 4 images for this day. I did not understand why did I decide that and spent a time thinking about the fourth drawing. So, there is no drawing at all.