The very start, near to Agadir

My first (and the most expensive) night: in a campground near to Agadir.

Actually, I would not recommend to stay in campgrounds: they can be 5 times more expensive than local hotels. Even if you should drive to the incredible wilds to get to them.

Morocco is the country of beautiful sky.
It is in the national park Sous Massa. You can go there (it is free), but avoid boring guides and be ready to find a bit dirty and empty park.
I saw cactuses full of fruits (not like there)
On of the visited cities. They all are the same.
Remember: look into the sky when you are visiting Morocco
My simplest place for the night: a garage with mattresses on the floor. It was nice (I used my sleeping bag), but costed a full 40dh.
Even in tiny villages the main street has some coffee houses
Very strange rocks on the road
Souslik's hole
Find a souslik
First dunes on the way to the desert
The city of Tan-Tan
My night on the ocean shore
Strange neighbour: fishing, drinking tea and telling strange things. I tried to take him to Laayoune. Policemen told me that there is many people and recommended not to do that again.
The excellent skull of camel
There and below: my morning walk on the shore
An illustration of the fact: there are almost no places to get to water.
An illustration of the fact: rare beaches are fantastic and empty
Strange and a bit abandoned city of El Ouatia
Laayoune: a city where is nothing to do
There and below: one of the abandoned villages
The meeting with camels
Tan-Tan, again
Huts of strange fishermen
The great festival Mussim in Tan-Tan. There are kasbahes. It is before the beginning.
The kasbah is the traditional house of Berbers
One time again: a coffee house full of lazy people
I managed to get to a kasbah!
There and below: camels round. Just watch and have fun. :)
La fantasia. It is when many crews from different tribes ride their horses and shoot in the air.
I would like to visit a native market of camels. It is quite famous (thought, not so big).
Cute :)
Pierre from France and the huge orange
We are going to the beautiful mountains
A hotel without shower
Pierre is a bit happy to visit the shower in a hammam

There and below: fantastic caves on the road.

I could watch the deep history here: petrified lava with imprints of trees from God known which ages, then petrified shellfishes (it is almost a desert now!).

I even found petrified crashed animal bones. I sure, there were human beings somewhere in the incredible past.

Really, just a holy museum of live and history.

Pierre met funny children, we freaked our plans for all that day :)
There and below: my travel from Taroudant to Marrakesh