The series of exhibitions going in several halls of Saint Petersburg. They collect new pieces of art from Russia and some Scandinavian countries. It is a good opportunity to meet their culture life without rushing around Europe.

As I understand, I have missed all exhibitions instead of the first one. And, as far as I use my only and favorite 50mm lenses, my favorite style is 'try to catch an interesting detail, you can not fit the whole object anyway'. :)

Mostly, the modern art frightens my. I do not understand its rough lines, objects, ideas.
These pictures was just depressive. :)
White porcelain with red spots is magnificent if you watch it live.

What would I say, the Russian pieces of art were quite optimistic.
Indeed, the actual art of Saint Petersburg is dark and depressive (the city of madness, historically).
I do not understand the Finnish art. Probably, it was the reason why did not they grant my finnish visa the last time.