I am a graduated programmer with 8 years of experience and hobbies from drawing to botany.

Some day ago I decided that there are too many things apart of the programming I would like to do as a job, and the search still goes on. Up to date, I have been looking for some projects I could participate in and I would be very glad to hear any pieces of advise about.

This site was made years before and collects many things as photos, drawings, source codes, etc. Therefore, it is an ordinary personal site about hobbies and life.

Maxim Ushakov
WWW: www.maxamuxa.com
Skype: Umaxik
Programming skills
  • C++, C, assembler
  • algorithms & maths
  • 3d (OpenGL, software aglorithms)
  • CAD systems (Bentley Microstation, custom CAD systems)
  • embedded systems (x86, Atmel, Pocket PC)
  • WEB (php5, html5, JavaScript, MySQL)
  • Windows, Linux
  • 8 years of experience
  • MoroccanNook (site about Morocco with its e-shop): full development from idea to realisation.
  • Open Design Alliance (libraries for building CAD systems): developer in the Teigha.DGN project (development, support).
  • Ectaco (electronic portable dictionaries): developer (WindowsMobile, embedded programming, linguistic bases).
Other skills/hobbies
  • Languages: English (average), French (basics), Spanish (basics)
  • Graphics
  • Travels (a trite thing to mention)
  • Botany
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